Home Movie 'Artwork' not displaying on ATV4k Top Shelf

I have a media folder full of home movies, which I stream from Dropbox.

Infuse 6 has automatically generated screenshots as ‘artwork’ for each video, apart from one - which displays correctly everywhere apart from on the ATV4k ‘Top Shelf’, where it is blank.

Any ideas what this could be?

It’s the only 4k home movie, if that makes a difference.

Welcome to the forum!

So just to confirm, you are seeing the correct images except for this one single 4K video?

If possible, would you be willing to send this video in for us to review?

I’ve noticed this happening after adding new files to my movies folder and refreshing Infuse - occasionally, the top row art doesn’t appear (it’s just a grey box with dots in it!)

Originally, trying to fix it, I was sending the file to the trash, refreshing, restoring the file and refreshing again. But later I discovered that simply hitting “Edit” on the title and re-loading the same fetched metadata causes the top row image to display fine.

So I’m guessing this bug, when it happens, occurs during the metadata fetching process.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Removing the video, refreshing, then adding the video again seems to have prompted it to work.

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