Home Button Not Responding


(I’m on the latest macOS version: 11.3.1 – Infuse: version 7.0 (7.0.3582))

Once I’m on a movie page (I chose the movie from the home page), I hope one I press “Home”, it’s just return me to the home page. Because pressing “Home” while on movie page, it’s just not doing anything.

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Tip. Never add multiple topics to one request. Support organizations normally work based one ticket, one issue. Not one ticket +5 issues. No way to follow up on that.


Thanks for your suggestion. But I don’t know how things are works here, so I just typed everything on my head to here.

There is a sub forum named “Suggestions” if you create a thread for each suggestion there people can add support by liking your first post in that thread.

That forum even has an option in the sort by number of likes. :wink:

As @webfrasse said, it’s best to put one suggestion per post so users don’t skip liking the thread because they may not want all of the changes.

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Would do that. Thanks!

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