Home Assistant paused/playing states

Hello, I’m using Home Assistant for home automation and would love to include a few scenarios with Apple TV (switch lights off when starting playing, turn on dimmed on pause, slowly turning them on after stopping a movie), but I’ve come across an issue with Infuse, which I’m using as a primary media player. Pausing correctly sends state to Home Assistant, but resuming results in state update only if it’s the result of seeking to a different timestamp. Each subsequent pause sends state update, but unless fast-forwarded to another part of media file or some other media file is opened, playing state is never received. This works correctly in other Apps (Plex, default Movies App), so I guess it’s the issue with Infuse. I’d be very grateful if this could be fixed in one of the upcoming releases.


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We’re planning to look into a number of related items for the upcoming 6.2 update, so I’m going to move this over to suggestions for now.

Hello, same issue with this incredible app!