HLG video play doesn't activate HDR and play lags

I have a video of a TV series on HLG and when I play it, I can’t activate HDR on the TV, it plays in SDR mode and it splashes a little bit on the way and then the play starts to lag, when I play it on my computer it activates HDR and doesn’t splash and lag!

Which model Apple TV do you have?

HLG is supported on the 2021+ Apple TV 4K (and later).

I’m using the latest 7th generation apple tv, and the TV is a lg 42c2.

Are you able to upload one of the problematic videos so we can review it here?


I’ve uploaded a video, the request is L5gFAOUXysVqL8dwZjgD

Thanks for the sample!

It looks like this particular video was encoded in 8-bit, which technically isn’t going to get you HDR.

Here’s a comparison of how the specs appear in MediaInfo.

Your sample

Typical HLG

I can activate HDR by playing it with my computer and a Zidoo Z9X, can u get infuse to support HDR video with this encoding as well?

A rec2020 color space requires 10 or 12 bit. There is no such thing as 8 bit. My guess is your computer or Zidoo is picking up on that and forcing “HDR” mode even if it isn’t real.