HLG on 3rd gen ATV 4K

Tried some BBC iPlayer files, with 4K HLG, on my new Apple TV 4K 3rd gen.
Can only get SDR as before, even if the 3rd gen supports HLG natively.

Will HLG be supported with Infuse in a later update?


This is something we have on our list to investigate. Stay tuned.

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My HTPC plays the same file as HDR10, with MPC-HC / MPC Video renderer / LAV Filters.
My LG OLED plays the file as “true” HLG HDR.
Plex, Infuse and VLC on Apple TV 4K 2nd and 3rd gen, plays it as 4k SDR.

I have some HLG files created by DJI Mavic 2 Pro. In Apple TV 4K 2021, the files are not switching to HDR mode. Do we have any luck with ATV 4K 2021 model?

I am very much interested in that too :slight_smile:

Updated app today, but no HLG–>HDR10 conversion yet. :frowning:

Because HLG has not yet been declared as a feature in a future infuse update.
You can follow the news about HLG here - Upcoming Features (updated 12/7/22)

No mention of HLG at all there. Upcoming Features (updated 12/7/22)

While it may not be listed in the upcoming features thread what’s more important is that this thead is marked as planned.

With only one “like” I’d guess it’s not a burning hot item but when it’s tagged planned it may be one of those items that gets rolled into an update as time allows.

Hang in there, the devs look to have their hands full with so many OS changes as well as new hardware compatibility issues that it may take a bit. :wink:

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I wasn’t trying to be either cheeky or rude, I just read what Axl2021 wrote: " You can follow the news about HLG here". So I believed the thread he linked to, had some news about HLG…
No, it’s not the most important, but I would love a HLG-HDR10 conversion at least, so the BBC iPlayer series can shine in Infuse on ATV… MPC HC with K-lite codecs does so in W11, but there I don’t have Spatial surround with Airpods Max… :slight_smile:

I gave you a website page where they write about all future new infuse functions and bug fixes. As soon as you see HLG there, you can wait for the release. Until this word appears there, you can not wait in the very near future and not wonder why everything does not work in the new update HLG :slight_smile:

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@James any news since November?