Hitting bandwith limitations, but how is that possible?

Hello all,

I’m using Infuse for a few days now, while it is working great for my normal 1080P video’s i am having real issues with Blu-Ray movies and 4K test material.
In my previous situation i had a Intel NUC, also connected to gigabit ethernet playing Blu-Ray rip of ±40GB without issue, but my Apple TV 4K (connected to the same uplink) is having enormous issues playing that material.

I’ve downloaded some 4K HDR test video’s and uploaded them on my NAS (Q-NAP) to test.
Video details, see attachment.

When i start the video in Infuse it starts playing ± 1 second, then starts buffering. On the NAS side i can see it’s hitting 10MB/s - 11MB/s but it stops there, not enough to play and/or buffer the video. But i’m not quitte sure why it’s capping on 11MB/s.
All the network stuff is connected to gigabit on managed switches (Ubiquiti Unifi gear), reporting as gigabit and was not having any issues with my Kodi box, and now with my Apple TV 4K it is somewhere hitting the limit.

Anyone tips on how to test these limits and where they are in the network/gear?


I have no problem playing a 75Mb/s file over Ethernet with Infuse on my Apple TV 4K.
My server (a 2010 Mac mini server) indicates over 40MB/s (320Mb/s) at peak.

However, I sometimes get something that looks like buffering, even with much les dense files. But that is another issue entirely, and does not come after just one second.

Could you check the connection speed of your Apple TV with another app that allows file transfer, like VLC?
(and I guess you checked that your NAS can transfer files to tour computer at more than 11MB/s (88Mb:s, which by the way should be just enough to stream your file)

Attached are some video properties of the file I tried.

Thank you for your reply. Yesterday i found out that one of the uplink ports to the switch on the 2nd floor wasn’t operating on Gigabit, so i fixed that and everything was much better. But still unable to play the 4K demo files. Next thing i want to try is to see if the disks in my NAS are capable of serving the files with the right amount of bandwidth… Maybe i should just install a SSD in my NAS just for the 4K videos… :stuck_out_tongue:

Even your demo files are just 75Mb/s which is less than 10MB/s. Even the cheapest 2.5" drive can do more than 40MB/s.
So, unless your NAS is doing a lot of other stuff, hard drives should be plenty enough.

Regarding demo files, some of the ones I found have issues and Infuse can be confuses by them.

If you want to test for the maximum bitrate of files you can play, you could try this page: http://jell.yfish.us
Infuse on my Apple TV 4K has no issues with files at 200Mb/s but struggles at 400Mb/s.

I agree, and no the NAS is not doing a lot at the time of the tests.

So, maybe there is some bug in Infuse that gives errors on playing certain files? If so, maybe i can file a bug report and add one of those files for the devs to analyse!

I will test it with the Jellyfish demo, thanks!!

I believe you can! (I do not work with Firecore).
They explain it here: Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

See also this thread: