Highlight Selected Item better in User Interface

Hello there

I installed Infuse for my mom on the Apple TV but she has difficulties to use it. More specifically, she can hardly distinguish which episode she is about to watch, the tile is bigger but it’s hard to see.

I understand it’s a visual and opinionated design choice but I was wondering if we could have an option for moms to facilitate distinguishing currently watching episodes.

Something like a frame around the tile, what do you think?

Not trying to be snarky but the big print line at the top of the screen has that info in it for the selected episode. I find that easier to read than the small print under the episode selection.

Thanks for your prompts answer. Sure but how do you link it to the tile?

EDIT: I understand after trying and I showed my mom. I explained but I can’t make her understand.

Could we have a accessibility design? That would be useful to a lot of people, I believe.