High CPU usage while watching a video

What hardware are you running on? I don’t see this on my old iMac

This is a dual core Intel Broadwell processor, released in 2015.
Hardware HEVC decoding was only added to Kaby Lake processors, released in 2015.

Which means that the CPU is used to decode HEVC videos.
Depending on the resolution, bitrate, etc. of the video played, it seems normal to see a large utilisation of the CPU.

Please check the video’s attributes with MediaInfo - I bet the video codec is HEVC/H265. (or VP9 or something exotic)

That is HEVC indeed.

so basically anything with hevc will cause it to do that?

Yes. Anything with HEVC will have to be decoded in software, which leads to high CPU usage.
(unless I am wrong about your processor HEVC decoding capabilities)

Have you tried to play a 4K HEVC video on your MacBook Pro?

Are you playing the media as a local file or from a server? All my media is on my NAS and Infuse connect to it via SMB. My iMac isn’t new but playing the same video on my old MBPr now. CPU at 11%.

I am a bit confused: are you talking about your iMac or MacBook Pro?
Regardless, Intel says that HEVC decoding support started with 6th generation core CPUs, introduced Q3 2015.

So your iMac certainly has HEVC decoding via Intel Quick Sync.
Your MBP does not have any hardware HEVC decoding via Intel.

If it has a discrete GPU (there were a model with discrete graphics and one with integrated graphcis only), then the discrete GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M ) could provide HEVC decoding acceleration.

I think you’re confusing two different persons here.

Also, I’m not sure where I can find a video with HEVC video to test with on my machines.

I saw screenshots from you @webfrasse for specs about an iMac and then a 15-inch MacBook Pro.
Not sure I was confusing anything - just trying to explain why someone might see a high or low CPU usage when playing HEVC files.
But yes, that is becoming a bit pointless.

My point was that I’m not the OP. I just showed a similar movie running on my two macs here on my desk. Turns out they weren’t HEVC as far as I know and I didn’t see any CPU load. Never experienced it on any movie. Hence my question on where I could find some HEVC content…

There are many places with HEVC/H265 files.
Here I found a page with some - go for the " Tomsk State University" files.

nope I never watch 4k videos