High Cpu usage when infuse is indexing

Recently, my Mac mini which has 3 drives connected with content has had the process opendirectyd at v high cpu for extended periods so much so as to be inhibiting playback. I have confirmed it is when Infuse is running on clients either the tvOS or iPhone.

is there something I can do to address this. Thanks

I have the latest version of infuse on the tvOS 4k and iPhone se

While indexing, Infuse is simply reading file info off your Mac which should result in little to no CPU load.

A quick Google search shows high CPU load with opendirectyd somewhat of a common problem, but a few links which may help can be found here.


Thanks James, I’d already been through all that before posting here. I’d checked that it is Infuse that is triggering it which it is. It was an ISO file which is a bluray. When I tried to access it from tvOS or iOS, thats when opendirectoryd goes crazy. Removing it has fixed it but I don’t what the underlying issue is

If you haven’t already, you might try the new 5.6.9 update to see if this makes any difference in your case.

5.6.9 includes an all-new SMB implementation which is much more efficient.