Hiding TV series when folders are empty?

My preference is to delete episodes as I finish watching them. I know there’s an option to display Poster Titles that will read 0 seasons but it just makes more sense to also provide an option to hide those TV Shows with no current content. This would make for a cleaner interface and quicker navigation. When a season gears up again and folders get populated on the server, the show will unhide and appear again in Infuse.

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Using the Library to browse your shows would take care of this. :slight_smile:

Not sure my point was understood. I have a custom library of TV Shows in poster view. During the off season (eg summer) most of these folders become dormant yet they show on screen… yes the posters are colorful but not practical to offer up shows that have no content inside.

On average I have about 20 favorite shows that I follow, but many are NOT in production right now eg. House of the Dragon, The Boys, The Mandalorian, The White Lotus, The Bear… just to name a few. These are returning shows so I don’t want to delete them from my server so the folder is blank yet Infuse still shows the poster artwork and it’s unnecessary clutter. It would be great to have an option to hide these empty folders.

It sounds like you are browsing directly via folders, so in that case you would see these empty folders.

If you browsing using the Library (via the Library icon or the pink TV Shows icon on the Home Screen) you would only see the series for which there are playable items. Empty folders would not be displayed here.

Not trying to derail your thread but this is exactly what I was trying to accomplish with this suggestion for a feature.

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Yes, this would be a welcomed feature. I suppose for those folks who keep their content forever the problem you and I are mentioning is not an issue. I keep my movies and concerts but not my TV episodes. Once viewed I delete them and once the show’s episodes are done for the season I don’t really need to see the poster artwork in my library again.