Hiding thumbnails for Media Player

When you rearrange the Apple TV menu (using Overflow or by disabling one of the stock Apple TV features) and place Media Player in the top row, icons for the most recently played videos appear on the top icon or thumbnail row. 

Is there a way to disable or clear this list for Media Player?  Some of the thumbnail icons chosen display violent or suggestive images not appropriate for all people who use use my Apple TV.

Bumping this one, hoping my original post was lost in the excitement of the untethered jailbreak.

Are you talking about the dvd cover art?   If so you can clear them all by going to Settings (in Media) Reset - Clear recently watched.


Is that what it’s called?  I don’t mind the cover-art showing when you go into Media Player and start browsing the network drives folders.  What I don’t want is the artwork to appear when the the blue Apple TV “cursor” is over Media Player on the Apple TV home screen.  Are we talking about the same thing?

I think we are give it a shot and let me know

Yep - the list can certainly be cleared by using the Media --> Settings --> Reset --> Clear Recently Watched option.


Just to be clear, there is no way to prevent Media Player from tracking recently watched and displaying that artwork on the home screen when Media Player is in the top row?

Correct. In the current version there is no option that would prevent Media Player from recording recently watched items. We have gotten a few requests for this, so a setting will likely make it into a future version.

As far i know there is no any way which will help to clear the thumbnail icons. So although it’s bothering you have to tolerate it until there is any update of new  features of Apple TV.