Hiding duplicate files

I have infuse synced to a dropbox cloud acount as well as to a local synology NAS. The NAS syncs with dropbox automatically so the libraries are identical. If i add both to infuse I see duplicate copies of each file.

Is there any way of hiding the duplicates? I have infuse on several devices some of which are not located where the NAS is, nessessitating the dropbox account. The NAS gives much faster streaming however on my devices where it is located.

There’s not a way to “hide” duplicates in your situation but there’s a suggestion thread for handling multiple copies of videos that is in the works with FireCore now. It will combine the duplicates and give you the option to select which one you want.

I’d suggest you follow that and see if that helps when it’s released.

Just uncheck the shares you don’t need on the library settings page for each device (uncheck the Dropbox shares when located where the NAS is, and uncheck the NAS shares where not).