Hiding a movie genre category from appearing on home screen ie: adult

Anyway to hide a category from appearing on the home screen particularly the adult category which sticks out on the main screen and not want appearing for a room with family access. Thank you.

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Have you looked at the “Parental Controls”? I’m not sure if that covers genres but it may help.

Currently TMDB doesn’t show an “Adult” genre under their supported genres so that may have been added to the file by who ever ripped it. You may be able to delete that genre using one of the file metadata editing tools like MKVToolNix.

All i know is on the homescreen under the recently added movies strip is a strip that lists action, adventure and then adult followed by the other movie genres. Is there anyway to hide it from movie genre strip or at the least make it less prominent?

There’s no way to hide that specific genre that I know of but you can remove the Genre list on the home screen if you don’t use it often.

Another possibility is to remove the movies listed under that genre from the library by moving them to a directory not included in your library.

Are there several movies under that genre or only a few? If just a few I’d just edit the files to remove that genre from the actual movie file.

I mean the adult content is maybe like 100, but its a drop in the bucket vs the 100,000 plus regular movies and tv shows i have. Not really minding the content being present per say since its such a minuscule part, its mainly that its right there on the homescreen and among the first things your eyes catches when you see recently added movies and its right there next to action, adventure and then adult with a racy thumbnail. So your telling me theres no way to hide a genre from popping up on the homescreen?? Seems like an oversight they should maybe remedy asap as i doubt anyone wants that kind of content to appear right there on the homescreen for a family media center. How hard is it to implement a hide category function??

Did you try the parental codes?

I’m not the dev so I don’t know what it would entail to remove a genre from display but considering there can be many genres it may be difficult to give an unlimited choice of what to show and not show.

Again, you can remove the genre list from the home screen which may be your best bet if you don’t want that showing on the home screen.

You’ll still be able to access the list of genres, just from drilling down in the library instead of out front on the home screen.

Yeah but parental code basically locks it out and i have to reenter it when i want to watch such content. That said not much in the way of a solution. Surprised such a option is not available to hide categories given its so low effort to implement and I certainly can’t be the only one who wishes such basic functionality was available

If, like me, you only use Infuse and TMDB, than just seeing the “Action” and “Adventure” TV genres next to each other at the front of the list might be enough to drive you mad when you realize they’re the same lists. TMDB does not have separate “Action” and “Adventure” genres — only one genre called “Action & Adventure” — that Firecore insists on doubling and presenting as if each list included different series — which they don’t. 100% identical listings because every series inside both of them is identified only with the “Action & Adventure” genre.

They compound the issue by similarly “splitting” (i.e. doubling) TMDB’s “Sci-Fi & Fantasy” and “War & Politics” genres.

Since Firecore is steadfast in their opinion that this broken presentation in vanilla Infuse is necessary to support users of third party media managers such as Plex (instead of insisting those managers make themselves work with Infuse — basically saying Plex users mean more to them than users who only use Infuse) — I’d, too, dearly love the ability to have more control over how Infuse displays genres; including choosing which genres get displayed and which ones I can hide.


Movie genre tags can be overwritten with local .nfo, so you could potentially hide all the “Adult” tagged items by removing those genre tags from .nfo items you create to override TMDB. A tedious work around that doesn’t come without other issues, but one possibility — though @NC_Bullseye ’s suggestion to move the adult files to a folder that isn’t included in the library is probably the easiest to implement.

Frustratingly, adding insult to injury, Infuse does NOT support genre tag .nfo edits to TV items, where the ability to edit them (for reasons stated above) is most necessary. :rage:

Long press on homescreen genre toolbar icon:

Hide Genre

Genre hidden.

To restore, long-press genre entries in the library browser, and select “Show Genre”; or add a button in settings to “restore hidden genres”.

Programmatically, assign each genre item in the genre toolbar a variable with a value of 0 or 1. If 0 (default), the genre is shown. If 1, if is hidden.

The genre bar is an infinite side-scroller. Hiding icons should have absolutely zero effect on other UI elements.

At most, you might need a timely pop-up to explain how to later “un-hide” the genre. Or just leave those instructions in the user guide where lots of other unexplained feature instructions live.

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