Hideout the Unwatched Indicator

Hello friends,

i am a new Infuse User on Apple TV and IPad. Recently i asked the forecore-support if it is possible to hide or deactivate that orange corner, the unwatched indicator on every movie.

The support gave me the answer “…you can disable these icons by switching off the ‘Watched Indicators’ option in Infuse > Settings > General…”
but i can not find such an option neither on the AppleTV nor on the Ipad. I’m using the german version of Infuse so maybe i missed it or the name is complete different, i dont know…

Can somebody help me?
Thank you and greetings

It is in the General section in Settings, after “Up Next List” and before “Picks of the Day”.

Hopefully that might give you some hint of where to find it after translating the options to German.

See if this helps.

I got it solved now. The right option is “Fortschrittsanzeige”. Thank you very much all!!

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