Hide 'Watching' row / allow re-ordering

I’m not seeing a way to hide this row from the app home-screen or at least re-order it so it is not the first.
If I were to continue to use this app long term the most important for me is the recently added row and then libraries.
Are we able to hide this row or at least re-order it?

Settings → Up Next List → Off

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Is it the same thing? I’m referring to the ‘Watching’ row, as in content that was watched and paused or is unfinished. Will try your suggestion anyway.

You might want to set it to “Recently Added Only” rather than “Off”



You can choose off (entirely), or keep it to show (as @remotevisitor mentioned above) only recently added — which in the Up Next will include both movies and tv shows; whereas pinned “recently added” items will allow you to create one for movies, and another for tv shows (my personal preference), and you can move them up and down your list of Home Screen items as you choose.

That you can’t do; but as mentioned, you can reorder the pinned versions.

Watching will always remain at the top (unless you turn off Up Next completely).