Hide watched or in progress media

It would be nice to include a switch in the application configuration that allows you to hide the media you have watched or is in progress from the “Recently added” section (The section in the top of screen, near the “Continue Watching” and in the Apple TV home screen.

I mean configurable, not mandatory:

Hide watched or in progress media from “Recently added”? (True/False)


Agreed. This is honestly the ONLY thing that is keeping me from using Infuse. I’ve tried it a few times, but I have tons of media that I’m sharing via Plex for other people, so when I’d love to mark their stuff as watched, or even my own stuff as watched, and have it hidden.

A toggle would be great.

You could manually add new unwatched items to up next watching in the meantime and hide recently added.

I think it might be more confusing with that option than to have it automatically add to some sort of watchlist.

Would it be possible to have an option to hide the videos already watched? Especially from the list of posters for the recently added videos, which is also present in the Top Shelf.

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It would be nice to see something, but I wouldn’t want every watched movie to disappear. For instance, if I recently got a movie and then watched it in infuse, yes, please remove it. But if this is a movie I watched five years ago, but I just got the blu-ray, then keep it in Recently added. That’s how I would like it to behave.

Yes, that would make sense. But I am afraid Infuse doesn’t differentiate much between different sources for the same movie. I wasn’t even able to make it fully distinguish between Blade Runner International Cut and Blade Runner Director’s Cut. I had added special posters on each poster and they used to get mixed up. It’s also true that for those particular movies the scrobbler (?) didn’t have the two different versions.