Hide the filename when using continuous playback

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I couldn’t find an answer to this question searching in the forum, maybe you can help me.
I have Infuse 6 on my iPad, and I have a few short videos in the root folder. When I select “loop” from the menu, the player starts looping through those videos but every time a new video begins the filename is shown at the bottom (roughly where the subtitles would be). Is that a feature that I could switch off?



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This is a good idea. Moving over to suggestions for now.

Playlists are great! Turning off the file name display would be nice. It shows up in the middle of the screen on my AppleTV.

Thanks for adding playlists!

I strongly support this request. Turning off the filename display would be great to play the items seamless one after the other.

With filename display the feature is more or less useless for my use cases.

I’m also very interrested for fonction hiding the filename , especially during the playlist


This feature would be perfect! Please!

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Hello, I’ve had both I fuse Pro 4 and 5 and used the special offer for a free year of Infuse Pro 6 subscription and upgraded.

Everything has been working fine for the most part but suddenly today during continuous playback of TV episodes, the screen fades to black, displays the next episode name and then starts the episode.

I cannot find any way to turn this off, would appreciate any help in switching off this feature.

Thanks in advance.

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What was it doing different before?

It just played the next episode without the title showing up. The episode ended and the next one started without a break. There was no title between episodes.

I hope I’m explaining it correctly, basically the episodes played one after the other without any interruption, the title of the episode never showed up between episodes,

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Just trying to clarify, was it not showing the titles after you upgraded to v6 and then just started or did the change to showing titles happen with the upgrade?

It just started this evening. I didn’t have this issue when I upgraded.

This screen with the episode title did not show up between episodes, it used to go from the end credits of 1 episode to the beginning of the next one without the episode name showing up between the end of one episode and the beginning of the next one.

Would appreciate any help with this issue. Reattaching a pic of the way the title name shows up between episodes. I don’t recollect seeing this before. Is there a way to switch it off, so that the episodes play continuously without any interruption.
Thank you

I also can’t stand this. I liked it better when there was no text between videos. I can see the appeal for some people but I would love an option to turn it off!

I use Infuse a lot for content that suffers greatly from these kinds of gaps (visuals for a presentation, etc)

I think an option to turn this feature off would be especially useful when shuffling playlists. The appeal of shuffling is that you don’t know what you’re gonna get next, but the text kind of spoils the fun a bit


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Thank you!

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Yes, being able to optionally turn off this display would be nice enhancement. I often make a playlist of short films, trailers, old drive-in commercials, and then a feature film and seeing the file name come up between them is distracting. Everything else about the AppleTV app is wonderful.

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