Hide Spoilers Not Working

Hey @james just wanted to report that the hide spoilers setting is not working properly in 7.5. If I open a TV show it will tell the plot of the episode unless I scroll away from the episode and back to it. All the episode thumbnail images seem to blur correctly though. Let me know if you need logs or screen shots if you are unable to reproduce the issue on your end. Thanks man and take care!


Has Infuse finished indexing?

Yeah. First time I’ve encountered this issue. Running latest TVOS, AppleTV 4K 128GB, connected to my Plex Server on M2 Mac Mini FYI.

If you click on a TV show with hide spoilers enabled, does it do the same for you (display the plot of the episode until you scroll through to another episode then go back to it)?

I have the same issue since the last update. Navigating to an episode from the Infuse home screen (via Watching) shows the synopsis, but getting there any other way hides it properly.

Initially I thought 7.5.1 fixed this issue, but going through my TV series it still shows synopsis even with hide spoilers enabled. Hope this can be fixed!

Same issue here since 7.5, still present in current version. Hopefully this can be resolved soon :slight_smile:

This should be fully resolved in today’s 7.5.3 update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.


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