Hide “See All” button when it isn’t necessary

There’s a really unfriendly UI design on the Infuse Home Screen:

If a pinned list has the default limit of 30 items (for Recently Watched Movies and Recently Watched TV; or any number less than that (in my case, the autogenerated one for “4K TV Shows” only has 26 items) … to view the last item in the list, you first have to scroll all the way to end of the row … and then select the “See All” button … which opens a new page a deposits you all the way back at the begging of the list with the first item selected … so no you once again have to scroll all the way through the entire list — all the way down, and all the way right — just to finally arrive at the last item on the list … which could just have easily been where the “See All” button was in the first place.

Especially egregious when we know the recently added lists always have thirty items but only 29 will show up on the Home Screen and getting to the 30th is a chore and a half ….

But when a list only has 26 items in it; you STILL won’t display all 26. Only 25, and a chore to get to the 26th. Why???


And while you’re fixing that, please work on allowing users to put the “See All” button all the way left to begin with, so I don’t have to scroll thirty items right and another thirty items down, when I know the item I’m looking for isn’t in the first 30 to begin with.

The “See All” button should be at both ends of the row:

All the way right as it is now,
But also just one click left — just off screen stage left when you start.

Users show be able to scroll around both ways (if I know the item is 25 steps to the right, its also only 6 to the left, if you let it be.

Blue skies, all.

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For me it’s the “Recently Added” lists… I still can’t grasp why you need a button to see one more item that could have been shown where the button to see one more item is located…

If nothing else can we get “truth in advertising” and change the name on the button to “See One More”? :upside_down_face:


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