Hide ratings (unless personally rated)

I love the duck tape idea!

Aaah at last, the old duct tape fix :joy:

Somehow I happened to find one of my kids animated shows that had no ratings on 1 episode, it just looks way more clean & elegant without the star rating, showing only what’s really important (Audio/Video Codec, content rating, and genre (which you can see more of without the star rating taking up space).

I’ll attach 2 pictures so you can see for yourself, the star ratings are gonna be even more annoying now that I’ve seen an episode that doesn’t have any rating. So Let’s apply that duct tape “inside” the infuse code please and thank you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and for those who’d like to remove the duct tape (toggle on to keep the ratings) let them do so. Fair for everyone and nobody suffers the continued pain and agony any longer!


Sorry to insist on this but this is really dear to my heart. Could we please get a statement if or when this could be implemented? The tape solution is funny but not very practical.

I am not even asking to hide unless personally rated, only to simply remove the ratings if in no-spoilers mode. It could also be a toggle in settings to completely remove the ratings (considering that they are not that representative anyway).

Thanks :slight_smile:


Please @james @NC_Bullseye many of your users are suffering tremendously because of these ridiculous ratings that we are forced to view every episode or movie. It’s really a huge spoiler to me when you just finish a great episode, then you see the next episode rated slightly lower, it messes with your brain and the perception of the episode even though you may think the next episode is better than the last one.

Would also love to have at least some kind of acknowledgment/statement regarding if this will be implemented any time soon. Thanks guys!

P.S - The tape trick didn’t work @NC_Bullseye and now you owe me a new TV! :rofl:


Following up on this again, any progress or news on when you’re implementing this?

Also noticed a huge chunk of movies/tv that I previously rated 10 stars, seem to have disappeared and reverted back to it’s original IMDB ratings @james @NC_Bullseye

So hoping the ability to hide ratings comes sooner rather than later! As I’m tired of seeing them all together :wink:

The day hide ratings get released, I’ll go from a yearly subscriber to a Lifetime license user 100%. What a glorious day that will be!

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You can keep track on upcoming features here

déjà vu :crystal_ball: :laughing:

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Already aware of the above for following “planned” features. But since hide ratings seems to always be absent from the list, wondering if you can clarify if this is actually something in the works for the near future or perhaps 2023? You both seem to ignore any follow up questions regarding this so that’s why I have to keep asking you and @james :slight_smile:


Literally one toggle in settings + a couple of if/else statements to hide the rating. I am guessing they’ll get it done sometime in 2024 seeing how they keep dodging this.


Holy hyperbole, Batman! :joy:
I get it; it’s annoying. But dang …

Firecore lives in Apple land.

And as we all know, Apple isn’t big on letting power users customize UI interfaces. My iPhone STILL only allows app icons to be arranged on a 4-wide grid; and skipping spaces still isn’t allowed.

This is a user request that would require Firecore to add another option to the Infuse settings menu. From what I’ve seen, they’re not gonna want to do that. I’ve been asking for an “expert” tab or menu toggle or whatever for all these niche power-user options for a while, but that suggestion hasn’t gotten any traction, either.

So I’m instead learning to temper my expectations; and accept that my favored seemingly simple fixes and upgrades might never get implemented … and just be happy the rest of the thing mostly just works as it ought to, most of the time.


I would have to disagree with you here, we already have power user options like “hide spoilers” (which in my opinion, should included the ratings for the episodes or movies you haven’t watched yet). Is it not a spoiler when you have no idea if a movie is good or not, only to see 4.7 out of 10 stars rating when you open infuse? That completely changes your perception of the movie or episode experience and is in my opinion, a bigger spoiler than reading episode descriptions.

It’s not like we are requesting a complete redesign of the infuse UI, I quite like the infuse UI actually. But seeing what someone else rated a movie in your personal media library is not for everyone, and definitely not for me.

Hyperbole aside lol, it is rather frustrating. Even my children notice “oh this episode must not be as good as the last one” when they see the fluctuation in ratings. And they are quite young!

Ratings for personal libraries are just so completely unnecessary for my taste. Don’t people create personal collections, because it’s a personal collection and not about what someone else thinks?


That’s an interesting thought. That’d probably be the best way to solve the issue — simply hide the ratings whenever “hide spoilers” is enabled. :+1:t3:

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That would be in «the spirit of Apple»: Don’t give the user too many options. While Android users can drag the slider to turn off ratings for movies with a lower score than 7.

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I think it would be useful if we could choose what to show in the overview of an item.

E.g. I personally would prefer not to show the ratings as it affects my impression. Would be great if I could toggle it off.

@james would you mind providing an update on this? Is this a feature you would consider implementing at some point in time?

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Seems like the most sensible option is to roll this requests into the existing “hide spoilers” feature. Who using the latter feature would argue to preserve ratings when they otherwise want spoilers hidden?


Just my feelings on this, I would rather keep this out of the “Spoilers” since for me I don’t care for nor want to use the “Hide Spoilers” function but I would very much like to hide Ratings unless I rate them. Just my request. :wink:


Ah, yes. My suggestion definitely doesn’t lock from the other direction!

( I would prefer to hide ratings, too, actually … yet somehow their presence annoys me far, far less than “sort by filenames” titles absolutely NOT doing that (nor by their parent-folder names) … after spending my entire new year’s weekend renaming all my folders, videos, and associated metadata files (subtitle files, thumbnail images, etc.) … because @james told me they would. :sob: )

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Alternately, I’m guessing others, too, would like to be able to rate without being “spoiled”. If I see a number I am more likely to pick something closer to it. So after I’ve watched something, the spoilers setting would deactivate for that title (as it currently behaves) but I wouldn’t want it to show a rating until I’ve rated it.


That makes sense.

I imagine the reason the rating issue has never much bothered me (apart from how other people’s ratings determine which films’ fanart backgrounds Infuse’s genre and decade icons) is because I spend entirely too little time actually watching content and almost all of it simply collecting and organizing (and reorganizing) it … and then reorganizing it again. :man_shrugging:t2: