Hide ratings (unless personally rated)

Would like to know if their is a way to disable the random ratings for each episode of a show that appear next to the title? For instance I have a few favorite shows and have no desire to see what some other person has rated the episode and is quite frustrating (some people don’t share the same taste in shows as I do).

Any help is much appreciated!

I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting this feature.

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Ok will do! And I see I can change the rating for each episode individually by rating it, is it possible to rate an entire season? That would be great if so.

Absolutely agreed. I do not care about others ratings lol most people don’t like the same things I seem too.

Any update on this yet? @james @NC_Bullseye


You can keep track of what’s on the upcoming features list here.

Sadly I don’t see any mention of this :frowning:
Hopefully this comes up in the next few versions!

Or show the source icons for the rating, e.g., :tomato: for rotten tomato, etc., then provide a switch to enable and disable those sources.

Hope this is being considered for an update soon! @james

It seems people are either rating shows incredibly high nowadays, or incredibly low. It’s frustrating to see idiotic ratings of random people before watching a movie or show. Becoming very annoying to be honest the more I see ratings good or bad.

If it’s less work, just consider adding an option to completely disable ratings. For the love of God please help us lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Station Eleven is a good example. Almost all the episodes had a 1.0 rating when I watched it a few weeks back. It’s distracting and annoying seeing these nonsensical ratings before watching what is an exceptional television show. I can’t help thinking many of these exaggerated ratings come from people with extremist political views, and I’d rather not think about these things when watching television.


Absolutely it’s starting to become really annoying and you can tell it’s people with extreme ideologies or some kind of political, social belief rating the TV show or movie. I never understood the kinds of people who go around rating everything negatively. If I start a show and don’t really like it, I’ll find something else to watch. However these people will comb through entire seasons of shows they supposedly “hate” just to complain and rate something badly? Who does that? Lol

Station Eleven has been on my radar to watch as well as I’ve heard good things about it. It’s a shame people seem less able to enjoy a good show or movie without overly critiquing it.

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I would like an option to hide the IMDB/TVDB rating because it sets expectations of a movie unseen, thus can be regarded as a spoiler.

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I totally agree. @james maybe it’s best to remove the ratings completely from the UI (I mean who needs ratings in a curated personal media collection). If it’s possible to beta test a version of infuse without ratings sign me up!

Lots of people have setups with tens of thousands of items and they may not even know what things are or what is even in their collection. Others like us have smaller and more personal collections. I primarily use ratings when filtering but also would be fine with an option to disable


Yep for sure. My collection although personal to me and a few family members is not small, but it’s not overly massive either. I’ve blindly purchased a few shows on blu-ray and have no clue if they are good or not yet, but I like being surprised and having my own thoughts on weather something is good or not. Safe to say I’m anti-spoiler :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I know some people have massive collections (I use to before downsizing) but have tried prioritizing quality over quantity especially getting more 4K uhd blu rays on my server. Some being 80-100gb for a single movie, or 200-400gb for a single season. I upgraded my server to this 80tb raid array so my collection has been growing recently, still I find no need for ratings to be displayed, although sorting by ratings does seem very useful to find your favorite stuff.

Again if any changes are made then there would need to be various options.

The “option” to turn off other peoples ratings IMDb, tmdb, RT etc… absolutely.

The “option” to turn off all ratings completely. Again no issue with this because it’s only gonna be an option.

I can definitely say though that if the day comes where I cannot set my personal ratings as I watch stuff then that’s the day Infuse gets uninstalled.
The sublime way that Infuse works with Trakt for both syncing and ratings is the whole reason I discovered Infuse.
Only afterwards did the fact that it’s a superior player come to my attention.

I would like to bump this thread. Is there any progress or development on this? It is infuriating that the “hide spoilers” option does not also hide the ratings. And the Trakt ratings are useless anyway.

An option to show IMDB or similar ratings would be nice, but if we could at the very least hide the trakt ratings I’d be very grateful.

I would also like to bump this thread again, as I too am still frustrated by ridiculous ratings.

A simple “show ratings” option that you can select/deselect would do the trick @james @NC_Bullseye you wouldn’t have to completely rework the ratings system, just allow users to hide weather they want them displayed. That way users can still search by ratings and everything pretty much remains the same, and those who prefer to view their libraries without
ratings can do so.

That’s fair enough right? And seems easy on the outside to just add the option. :slight_smile:

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Like :heart: & bump :fist: for this.

No idea where these ratings come from but I’d like the option to hide them much like some users hide logos, poster titles, filenames, etc.

I don’t really care what others think about films in my collection…

…and I’ll admit I’ve delayed viewing some unwatched films in my library because I glanced at the ratings and it, sometimes unfairly, set low expectations (silly, I know).


I’d similarly like to get rid of ratings, and also because these ratings determine the background image of genre buttons; and I’d like more control of that.