Hide ratings (unless personally rated)

Is there a way to turn off or hide ratings? Since the change to TVDB a lot of the TV ratings are all over the place. Making it a part of hide spoilers maybe or just adding an option to turn off all together would be great.

Edit: Thinking about it a little more, a setting to only show your ratings would be ideal. So if no rating is set, nothing appears for the movie or episode.


Great idea, I find the current ratings useless.


I would really love this too.


I see the star ratings, which I don’t use, on everything. Can an option be added to the settings to not show this.
I know some like this, so I’m not saying to remove this but give users the option not to see it cause it is just screen cluttering to some of us.


Also would like to mention, the current UI makes it almost impossible to know if a rating is your’s or from TVdb. They’re just slightly different shades of white and impossible to tell unless flipping between pieces of content and comparing the whiteness. So if I’m looking at an episode or movie, I have no idea if it’s my rating or not. I’m surprised y’all didn’t go with orange here for user ratings.

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Honestly I hadn’t even noticed that there was a slight shade difference until you mentioned it.

But yeah I’m particularly keen on rating my media but far less interested in any other 3rd party’s opinion.

So in reference to both the last two posts I would love to see as a minimum for personal ratings to have a clearer distinction.
Ideally though an option to completely turn off ratings other than those personally given.

I agree, that is what I want as well. Sorry to derail the thread a bit.

Just want an option to turn off ratings. I don’t know why, but the idea of seeing aggregate ratings in my library annoys me quite a bit. Even if it were one of the arguably better aggregate sources, I don’t want to see it. Essentially I do not care what anonymous people think about movies and TV.


Could not agree more!


For the most part of my library I know what I have and what I like but I could see the usefulness for someone who has a huge library and they get loads of junk mixed in so when looking for something to watch that could help.

Would like to know if their is a way to disable the random ratings for each episode of a show that appear next to the title? For instance I have a few favorite shows and have no desire to see what some other person has rated the episode and is quite frustrating (some people don’t share the same taste in shows as I do).

Any help is much appreciated!

I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting this feature.

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Ok will do! And I see I can change the rating for each episode individually by rating it, is it possible to rate an entire season? That would be great if so.

Absolutely agreed. I do not care about others ratings lol most people don’t like the same things I seem too.

Any update on this yet? @james @NC_Bullseye


You can keep track of what’s on the upcoming features list here.

Sadly I don’t see any mention of this :frowning:
Hopefully this comes up in the next few versions!

Or show the source icons for the rating, e.g., :tomato: for rotten tomato, etc., then provide a switch to enable and disable those sources.

Hope this is being considered for an update soon! @james

It seems people are either rating shows incredibly high nowadays, or incredibly low. It’s frustrating to see idiotic ratings of random people before watching a movie or show. Becoming very annoying to be honest the more I see ratings good or bad.

If it’s less work, just consider adding an option to completely disable ratings. For the love of God please help us lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Station Eleven is a good example. Almost all the episodes had a 1.0 rating when I watched it a few weeks back. It’s distracting and annoying seeing these nonsensical ratings before watching what is an exceptional television show. I can’t help thinking many of these exaggerated ratings come from people with extremist political views, and I’d rather not think about these things when watching television.


Absolutely it’s starting to become really annoying and you can tell it’s people with extreme ideologies or some kind of political, social belief rating the TV show or movie. I never understood the kinds of people who go around rating everything negatively. If I start a show and don’t really like it, I’ll find something else to watch. However these people will comb through entire seasons of shows they supposedly “hate” just to complain and rate something badly? Who does that? Lol

Station Eleven has been on my radar to watch as well as I’ve heard good things about it. It’s a shame people seem less able to enjoy a good show or movie without overly critiquing it.

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