hide internet corrupts icloud streaming

Hi there,

if I choose maintenance-settings-show/hide menus-internet->disabled then it is not possible to start any playback of an icloud match stream on my appletv 2.

It shows only the loading circle and never do anything. If I switch Internet back on all works fine again.

Newest Versions of IOs and aTV (Release - 4.4.4 and 1.1.1). A complete restore of my AppleTV didn’t change anything.

My configuration:

Installed Mediaplayer, RemoteHD. HomeShare ON, AirPlay ON, Match ON. RemoteHD invisible. Computers visible, Internet visible, Movies invisible, Music visible, TV invisible


ATV or Apple BUG? (or is it only me?)


thanks for answer




Hi… I’m having the exact same problem, except I cannot fix it by enabling internet again in the show/hide menu. Very frustrating.

Hope a solution happens soon.