Hide folders to coexist with Kodi

Using Kodi, it stores metadata within each folder of the share on my NAS. This is the same share Infuse accesses.

Could I request Infuse hide folders with two specific names, namely “extrafanart” and “extrathumbs”. This would allow both Kodi and Infuse to look their best accessing the same content.


Good idea. Thanks!

I see extrathumbs was hidden in Infuse 4.1, but not extrafanart. Or am I missing something?

Other than that, nice update.

It should be working for both in 4.1.

However, you may need to clear all metadata if Infuse has already cached info about your files/folders.

Thanks for the advice but it didn’t help. Both folders (extrafanart, extrathumbs) are hidden under Movies, but not under TV shows.

The folder structure for me is …

TV Shows/
    Show A/
        Season 1/
             Shows from season 1 in here
        Season 2/
             S2 shows here. 
    Show B/

I’d be grateful for any other suggestions.

I’ve complete removed the share, forgot it, re-added it back, then scanned again. No difference.

So James is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Can you reproduce this behaviour?

Thanks for the info.

That’s a slightly different use case than the one we aimed to resolve in 4.1, though still a very valid one.

The upcoming 4.2 update will add an entirely new browsing method, so unwanted folders like these will be filtered out entirely without us having to maintain a special whitelist. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Thanks James. Roll on 4.2 :wink: