Hide folders in Media Player Library

I swear I saw in new release a listing to hide or ignore folders in your library.

Anyone have the skinny on how to do this? I didnt find anything that stood out in the normal sequences of favoriting and scanning.


Found a comment fom James in the release blog comments.

James Staff Nick • a month ago −
The 2.1 update actually allows the Library and Search items to be hidden from the main menu. Just highlight either of them in the My Files/Favorites section, hold select, and choose the Remove Favorite option.
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That does work, though you can still just drop down to the Library listing right below the favorites and browse right on through.
My babysitter was browsing through the family photos and jpeg scans of my tax papers… :wink: would be nice to lock out the folder on the NAS search and folders like XBMC does.

You won’t be able to hide specific folders, but you could setup a share to access a single folder instead of the entire drive. This would work well assuming your photos are in a folder outside of where your videos are stored.

To add a specific folder to the Library (instead of an entire share) you can setup a new share by entering the folder path after the device name. E.G. MyNas.local\Files\Movies

But, once you have made the poobah of making the entire drive… how do you remove that, and just leave the folders.  I didn’t seem to have the problem on the previous version but now, Library is searching my entire AEBS (3 drives attached via a hub) but I only want two folders on one of the drives to be listed.  How do I remove the AEBS from the Library listing.  Its not listed as a favourite… its just there, because its the shared “drive”… without it, I have no access to those folders…  OR in lieu of that, how do you stop the scanning of the entire thing.  I started it and sadly now cannot stop it

Unfortunately in this case, you’d have to remove the share and setup a new one through the Media > Settings > Manage Shares menu.

Thanks, James.  I didnt need to in the end.  I had it off overnight, and when I went back the next day the AEBS was no longer searching, and I was able to tell it to search for changes only on the two folders I have listed.