Hide file extensions in Media Player

I'm so pleased that you guys have made ATVFlash, it's a brilliant product and has made the Apple TV a very useful device.

I've been searching for ages to find an elegant way of getting media from a network share to my TV and this is definitely the way forward, it suits my needs almost perfectly - although to improve it, I'd love to see the 'Media Player' app beautified a little bit, to make it more like the main media app in iOS.


I already organise my media on my network shared drive into folders, as I'm sure most people do, so it'd be nice to be able to hide file extensions to make browsing a bit prettier. I don't need to see whether files are .mp4 or .flv, I just want to see the programme names - so being able to turn file extensions off would be great.


It'd also be nice to be able to tell Media Player that certain directories are Music Videos, Movies or TV Shows, because the Music Videos shouldn't download TV metadata (they could download music metadata instead) - or failing this, the ability to turn off metadata retrieval for certain directories.


Finally, I'd love to see my network hard drive appear at the top of the list under Media Player once added, and be able to set a 'home directory' for that drive. At present, I go to Media Player, have to click "My Files", then go to "Apple Airport", then go to "Media Centre" (which is a folder on my hard drive) and then I can access all my videos. It's a lot of click throughs which detracts from the viewing experience.

It'd be nicer if I could set a favourite location, so "Media Centre" would appear above "My Files" in the Media Player view, so I only have to click once to get straight into my media.

Thanks for the suggestions.

We're planning to have a setting for file extensions (with them defaulting to off) in the next version.

I'll pass along the other ideas and see what we can do.

Thanks for reading, and for writing back!

Having played with Media Player a bit more, I've discovered a 'favourites' feature already exists, so I can bookmark my favourite locations - brilliant stuff - although I'd still like to be able to put my favourites on the home screen, as opposed to having to click into 'My Files' first, it'd make the user experience a bit tidier.