Hide episode name as part of spoilers

I am watching a foreign TV show where spoilers are often written into the episode name. Is there away to hide episode name? If not, please help me move this to Suggestion.


Done and done. :wink:

It would be great if it would be possible to hide the episode title for tv shows.
In the same way that there is an option to hide spoilers that blurs the plot, it would be really nice that it would hide the title, showing only the season and episode.

For instance, on the tv show Sky Castle, the 15th episode is called Hye-na’s Death , which is a major spoiler, just by reading the title. It would be better that hiding spoilers would hide also the title, or at least as another option. So that it would display S1 • E15 instead of S1 • E15 - Hye-na’s Death

I moved your post to an already running request for this feature.

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