Hide "@eaDir" folders when using NFS with Synology NAS

Synology NAS drives create these folders in every subfolder for the storage of thumbnails for the iTunes Server or as a result of other media indexing services on the NAS.
They are hidden with SMB and don’t appear in the Disk Station Manager File Explorer at all.

Currently the solution is to disable the indexing and deleting the folders to prevent them from showing up in Infuse.

My feature request is that Infuse hides folders starting with the @-symbol or if thats a problem, hides these @eaDir folders specifically.


Coming in 5.2.1. :wink:

I am not sure, but i was having problems with adding my movies to infuse.
Then i figured, what the heck and just deleted the @eaDir directories… and voila… infuse picked up the correct metadata instantly.

So something tells me that infuse is still reading those directories.

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