Hide all movies blocked by Parental Controls

I’ve turned on Parental Controls, and it works.

However, Parental Controls can only prevent these movies from playing, not from displaying. When I browse the movies library on Apple TV with my family, some of the movie posters (especially sex comedies) are too explicit for my kids.

Is it possible to add a new option in the Settings? Turn it on to hide all movies in the library that are blocked by Parental Controls. Turn it off with Pin, these movies will be shown again.

If this is difficult to develop, I think blurring these movie posters can also solve my problem to some extent.


I think this is a good idea. I haven’t yet had to enable parental controls as my kids are too young, but in the meantime I would recommend adding your own poster, as you mentioned, blurred or otherwise more family friendly.


Give us multi user profiles, each with their own library from the same source of files.
So you can have a kids library and an “adult” library protected with a pin.