"Hidden" trick with unwanted subtitles on Apple TV

I had a random presention with a new video file of unwanted sub-titles. At first I thought the Apple tv app setting had changed - but no. Then I tried to find a solution in Infuse and failed.

The solution presented itself when I carried on watching the video in question and had to pause the video when the house phone rang. I hit the pause button which triggered the swipe down menu option - and there was the solution.

Presumable somewhere all of these secrets are laid bare?

By default, Infuse will display subtitles if they are present in the video. You can disable this on a video-by-video basis through the Subtitles section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

If you want to flip this behavior (IE have subtitles disabled, and then enable on a video-by-video basis) you can disable the Subtitles option found in Infuse > Settings > Playback and then just use the Playback Menu to enable them, as needed.

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