Hi-Res Audio Support

Hi there, I posted this question months ago and was told it would be considered, I’m just curious to see if anyone else is interested or if it’s on any sort of roadmap? It certainly doesn’t work with MediaPlayer 0.9.4 but would be the killer feature for me. XBMC is good enough for everything else for me at the moment, but I’ll buy as soon as this is implemented…

Are there any plans to include support for multi-channel and/or high-resolution FLAC files? The 24-bit audio with sample rates of 48kHz or above is common place on SACD and DVD-A disks (and can even be downloaded from many online stores such as Bandcamp and HDTracks nowadays) and is easily playable on a Mac with compatible audio hardware. It would be great to see this supported on the ATV2. While these files can be converted to ALAC and imported to iTunes the ATV2’s native software always down-samples to 16/44.1 before outputting to the SPDIF or HDMI. Surely an application like FireCore’s Mediaplayer would be able to output raw PCM and let the amplifier deal with it. This would be an ideal solution for the audiophiles and would probably shift a few ATV2s, never mind copies of aTV Flash (black).

FWIW, there’s an application available in the App Store for iPhone/iPad that allows playback of such files, but requires a USB DAC to be connected to the Camera Kit’s USB port. This would be unnecessary with the ATV2’s onboard HDMI port. I believe the software’s creator has succesfully played 24/192 files on from his iPad in this manner!

FLAC Player - http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/flac-player/id390532592?mt=8

Surround support (i.e. 4.0 or 5.1) would be nice, too, but 2.0 would be a great start.

Yes! We’re hoping to add support for higher quality and multii-channel audio files in a future version.

Cheers James, thanks for taking the time to reply…