Hey everyone, can anyone help me?

Hey all, so I recently bought an apple tv 2nd generation for my parents and I am very interested on buying this product but I have a few questions before doing it. Okay, so i know this product supports subtitles, but the thing is that my parents native language is Spanish, though they understand a little bit of English. I dont own any dvds so its not like they will be streaming from my PC, so basically they’re going to use XBMC with some add-ons so they can watch some tv series and movies. My question is, will this product be able to grab subtitles over the internet without doing anything other than clicking the subtitles? I know XBMC has the option of putting subtitles but you have to have the file with the subtitle .srt or w.e format is in on your PC in order to use it. I am guessing the media player that comes with this product plays w.e movie or show you have on your PC and then you click the subtitle and searches for it but thats not going to be the case for me since I dont have any movies on my PC. Or how does it work? 


To put things easier, will this product be able to search subtitles from w.e add on XBMC has? 


To expand further. Media Player and XBMC are different applications. If you’re using addons through XBMC they themselves need the ability of pulling the subtitles for whatever movie you’re streaming.