HEVC/x265 (MKV and MP4) drains battery immensely

iPhone 7 on latest iOS. Isn’t x265 supposed to be native/hardware supported? Why is my phone cooking through a 0.5% a minute?

Streaming from a remote source or playing from a file downloaded to your phone?


Have you tried a HEVC file on other apps to see if it’s different? I believe that VLC for ios will play native x265 files so you could do a comparison. Just make sure your apples to apples comparison and not letting the source transcode the video.

Native hardware support doesn’t necessarily mean low power, just that it can provide the horsepower to play it which may entail faster processing at a higher power draw.

Hardware encoding does indeed imply more efficient energy usage, by definition. Simplified/imaginary example would be that for every 1ms of video, it takes 1000 CPU cycles to decode the video data with code from software decoder running over it (because of the overhead of moving data between kernel/userland, higher (than hardware) level of APIs involved in the algorithms, etc. etc.), and 10 CPU cycles to decode the video data via hardware algorithm. Processing time == energy. Less cycles, less time, less energy.

And more than the general guarantee of hardware encoding is that HEVC is Apple’s most recent champion format. Of course it shouldn’t be burning battery.

Anyway. I have tried HEVC in other places. HEVC is everywhere. iOS camera even takes video in HEVC now. Whether watching them in the photos app, or watching some in Safari or videos from iTunes, I get my full 7-8 hours of playback (iPhone 7).

But in Infuse I get about half of that. I need to double check that this holds for x265 wrapped in MP4 (a small portion of my library), but it’s definitely happening for x265 wrapped in MKV (most of my library). I was hoping it was an MKV/MP4 issue, and it’s some simple bug like Infuse not recognising that what’s inside the MKV is a codec native to iOS.

I’ll ask again, have you taken the same video on the same device and tried it in VLC and Infuse and then compare the battery usage?

I’ve played the same file in Infuse and PlayerXtreme, yes.


it would be an example of the disparity I’ve discussed at length.

If you have a chance, would you mind sending in a report from your device so we can take a deeper look into what is going on in this case?

Ah, thanks. Yes, will do.

I am currently uploading two culprit videos (Dropbox - Submit files), that I was getting about 1% battery drain per 3 minutes (with 30% screen brightness, on an iPhone 7). 4->5 minutes per 1% is my usual expected video watching burn before switching to Infuse. It’s a shame because Infuse (Pro) is kickass.

I tried clicking the ‘Email us’ button in app too, but it says ‘No Email Account’ (I don’t use the native mail app; I use Gmail). Is there any other way to get logs/diagnostics to you?

Apologies for the delay.

Today’s 6.2.4 update includes a number of playback optimizations, which should help with the issues you were seeing here.

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