HEVC x265 : freeze image

Problem with the format HEVC x265 mkv.
There is lots or bugs when movies are in x265 : freeze image

HVEC 265 Will be improved ?

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I don’t think ATV4 has enough processing power to play a x265 video.
You need a transcoder in the back end. I have my hopes Infuse will be able to utilize Synology’s DS216Play’s transcoding one day. Otherwise Synology might come with their DS Videostation to TVOS with that functionality.

ATV4 has processing power to play a x265 video :
- ATV4 x265 720p --> infuse good
- ATV4 x265 1080p --> infuse no good (freeze) but another app ATV 4 is good (x265 1080p)

It looks like a Infuse limitation. All my videos work just fine with Plex.

Is this true if Plex is set up to NOT transcode on the server side?
My guess is that the reason Plex works well is that Plex is doing all the heavy lifting server-side to transcode the files to h264, whereas with infuse this all has to happen client-side and the CPU on the client device is not up to it.

This is definitely the case. The Apple TV 4 doesn’t support HEVC natively, and Plex only uses the system’s native playback.

Ultimately, there’s probably not much FireCore/Infuse can do about this. I’d bet they’re using some open-source library to do their HEVC transcoding, and unless there’s some kind of optimization breakthrough on the part of the developers of that library (unlikely, this stuff is hard), or Apple eventually unlocks access to HEVC hardware that they’ve hidden in the A8 (also unlikely), software-transcoded higher-bitrate/resolution HEVC files will simply be too much for the Apple TV CPU.

I guess it’s nice that smaller files are supported at all, if certainly not ideal.

x265 is and will mainly be used more and more for 1080p and better so that it works for 720p and worse does not really help.
This can definitely be a huge problem for Infuse where Plex can transcode on an intel servers and now when also Synology have confirmed they will come with VideoStation for ATV4 probably in connection to their soon to be released DSM 6.0 where transcoding will be a new feature both on- and off-line.


I have indeed tried HEVC playback as well. Again the same problem, 720 great, 1080 not so great! The strange thing is that I have also tried a couple of apps that claim to play all formats, and indeed the do play all formats including HEVC 10bit. The only thing is you have to copy the video file to the ATV and it plays wonderfully! So how come they can do it and infuse can’t???

What are the names of the apps?

I’m also having issues with this. Would love if we could get some input if this can/will be fixed.

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