HEVC playback

Why is hevc (x265) playback on ATV with infuse a big problem, and on the iPad it works well.
Also ABC player is playing hevc without a problem.

You may want to be a bit more specific as to what kind of problem you’re having and with what level of HEVC. Many here are having little to no problems with HEVC files. I only have a hand full of files out of hundreds in HEVC that don’t play flawlessly.

I have movies of 3700 kbps (1080p 10bit) with ac3 or Aac 5.1 (2,6 gb), that play without a problem, files with lower bitrates (3700 is max), but a lot of files will not play flawlessly even a episode of suits s6e8 ( 1735 kbps, 1080p,aac 5.1), that file goes out of sync and frame drops, but if i play the files on a iPad air 2, they all play without a problem. only infuse on the atv has a problem, and if i play the files streaming to abcplayer on the Apple TV, they all play without a problem. Thats why i think there is something with the infuse atv version, because abc player has no problem at all, with none of my files.

The Apple TV can’t keep up with the file. Remember Apple TV has to convert the file

Why can abc player playback the file direct, no convert at all. I think that abc player (atv version) has better playback codecs.