HEVC Issues

Running Infuse 3.5 on an iPad Air 128gb. No other applications in the background. Video is HEVC Main@L4 in a MPEG-4 container, Writing Library is HandBrake 0.10.2 201506110, 1920x800, bit rate for the video stream is 1611 Kbps, overall bit rate showing variable. Audio stream is AAC 164Kbps, 2 channel.

The video is freezing while the audio continues to play.

This is somewhat expected for HEVC content as Apple doesn’t yet support hardware decoding of HEVC. Everything is done in a software decoder, and the downside to software decoding HEVC content is that it requires A LOT of processing power, processing power that is simply not available on most iOS devices.

If and when Apple adds better support for HEVC (which they surely will) we’ll be able to provide a much better experience playing these videos in Infuse.

So, I reencoded the video at 1280x720p Main@L3.1 with an average bitrate at 1450kbps and that fixed the problem. I’ve got more testing to do, but at 1450kbps the video looks great on the Air and the total file size is only 1.62gb which is less than half the h264 file size.

Eventually Apple will support HEVC. The new copyright group outside the original IP group may delay Apple and just about everyone else. I have access to an Air 2 at work and I may give that a shot with the original encoding, just to see if the faster hardware and more memory fixes the issue.

OK, both VLC and AVPlayeHD support HEVC now. I can play 1080p 5.1 file content using both. That being said, I still prefer Infuse as a wonderful one-stop solution.

So when?