HEVC 2.65 MKV not playing Apple TV 4k

As I understand it, the Apple TV 4k and Infuse 6 both support HEVC 2.65 10 bit. My MKV videos in this format play just fine in VLC player on the Apple TV, so I know its streaming ok, but they will not play in Infuse. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Are you using the free version or have you subscribed?

I have the pro version. 6, latest build…

What error message do you get?

EDITED TO ADD: Can you download this file and see if you can play it? http://jell.yfish.us/media/jellyfish-3-mbps-hd-hevc-10bit.mkv

“An error occurred playing this content”. The video never played. I’ve read about some videos playing and then stopping, but mine never start. H.264 versions play fine.

Does it do the same for the video I linked to?

Same message for the jellyfish video: “an error occurred loading this content.” VLC player plays it with no problem…

Could you try restarting your ATV?

have done that several times over the last couple days that I have been looking at this problem…

Does it play other types of video? if so you may want to consider deleting and reinstalling Infuse.

It plays everything else fine. I have not tried reinstalling infuse so I will try that tomorrow and let you know - thank you!

Can you send in a report so we can look further into this?

Will do, this afternoon after work. Thanks! Fyi, I did uninstall/reinstall with no luck.

I just sent diagnostics. code is 2EP6A

interesting thing to note, I just installed Infuse on my phone and the h.265 files play just fine. Just won’t play on Infuse on the Apple TV.

Probably a better processor in your iPhone. The 4th gen ATV 4 had an A8 processor where the 5th gen ATV4K has a A10X processor What model iPhone?

its an iPhone 8. Apple TV is the newer ATV 4K. The files do play on VLC player on the Apple TV just fine.

Sorry bout that, got your issue confused with another user that had a ATV 4 with the older processor and wasn’t playing the x265 files well. My bad.

It looks like you are using UPnP. At times, UPnP devices can reorganize videos which can cause a delay in the updated files being available in Infuse. In essence, Infuse is seeing the old links and displays an error when it tries to play them.

If possible, you may consider removing the UPnP share and connecting via SMB or NFS. This should be much more reliable, and also allow you to use the advanced Library features in Infuse.

You’ll have to excuse any ignorance here, but I thought I was using DLNA. I use Serviio on a Synology NAS for Streaming. I’m not sure how Universal Plug and Play would be involved. thanks!