Helvetica Font

Hello. Could you include a copy of the Helvetica.dfont in the /system/Library/Fonts folder of the ATV? I’m looking at TV series with french subtitles (file.avi + file.srt), and the incorporated fonts of the ATV make the subtitles very smalls and unreadeable. I’ve found on awkwardTV forums that copying the helmvetica.dfont solve the problem but I’m not really comfortable with the terminal and I cannot find a way to do this copy. Thanks…
Franck Villano

For info, here is what I try to copy the file… but it fails!

ssh frontrow@

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frontrow@’s password:
-bash-2.05b$ sudo mount -uw /
-bash-2.05b$ sudo cp /System/Library/Fonts/Helvetica.dfont /Volumes/OSBoot/System/Library/Fonts
cp: /System/Library/Fonts/Helvetica.dfont: No such file or directory

I would first use either Fugu or CyberDuck to move the font file to the frontrow folder. You are not able to directly transfer files into the System folder of the AppleTV as you do not have root access. Once the font is moved over then log into the AppleTV via Terminal and run:

sudo mv Helvetica.dfont /System/Library/Fonts/
sudo chown root:wheel /System/Library/Fonts/Helvetica.dfont
sudo chmod 0644 /System/Library/Fonts/Helvetica.dfont
sudo reboot

Great! it works! Thank you… Now teh trick would be to have a menu to choose font and size… but as it, it’s already great. Thank you.