hopefully someone can help me…complete newbie on this jailbreaking!

I have got a Apple TV Gen 2 black, iOS 5.2. 


I have (i think) jail broken the apple TV using season pass…as shown here:


1/ I get to the screen there with the icons and the FC settings button, after that how do I installany apps or get the additional TV channels, I have tried installing xmbc using a SSH command, but when I do that and the tv reboots it just shows apple logo then the light on the front flashes and nothing else.


2/ is there a way of quickly restoring the full jailbreak & the apps on to the box if the box loses settings or loses power?



Sorry for the silly questions, hopefully someone will be able to help and it will be much appreciated.



  1. I don’t know why you got that black screen, are you sure you didn’t accidently upgrade to 5.3? If you did then it may need to be tethered to your computer (5.3 is a tethered boot). If you’re still on 5.2 then you can try jailbreaking again.


  1. There is no “quick” way to restore jailbreak, but jailbreaking again wont hurt it. Once jailbroken try the XBMC HUB WIZARD to install XBMC (skip to part two for the instructions), it will install XBMC and many addons. Both nitoinsaller and xbmc installer may take awhile to install, so don’t worry too much after 5 minites or so and it hasn’t installed yet.

Losing power won’t make you addons dissappear, they will always be there… re-jailbreaking will make them dissappear though.


Thank you Carpenter, got it working now, that link was great cheers.

where can you view the skysports etc channels?




 did a seach on google for skysports addon and found a few hits for sports channels.[users-guide]-sports-xbmc.html had many options for watching sports.