hi i am new to all this and just had an apple tv for my brithday, im trying to jailbreak it, however when i get the othe point where is says  click yes for itunes to restore, it loads itunes but nothing happens, i cannot see anything in devices either??? please help i have been on this hours now, lol


Try plugging the Apple TV in for itunes to recognise it. Then unplug from the power it before you restore.

hi have just noticed that if i plug power to the box, itunes finds the device, should i do the whole process with the power cord in?


ok thanx will give it a go now, hope this works, grrrrr, lol

didnt work, when it asked to retore with itunes, i plugged in the power, then unplugged it after itunes found the atv, then i got an error 2009, afer 2 mins

cheers, i think its because im using my power lead when i shouldnt be, apparently you should be able to see the atv device in itunes, without the power cord in, so it may be my usb lead?

Yes, definitely don’t have power in when you restore. I couldn’t even get mine into dfu mode with just the usb. I had to plug in the power, then the usb, then unplug the power, and finally put the atv into dfu for restore.

This works fine!
1.)Plug AppleTV 2 with power
2.)Connect ATV and Mac/PC with Micro USB 
3.)Push Down & Menu for about 6 seconds
 4.)Afterwards push the buttons Menu + Play for also 6 seconds
Do not disconnect power during the process!
Greetings from Germany