Ok, I have infuse pro on my Apple TV and my iPhone 10. Up until recently it was all working fine. I came in one day, I think a new update just came out which may of had something to do with it. All my programs and everything had been deleted. I don’t know why or how but they were. So I added them back on my phone which I have everything in google drive. Everything seems to load and work on my phone now again but for whatever reason my Apple TV refuses to load anything where I can watch it. I noticed it has the same libraries on the Apple TV that I added in but I get an error when trying to watch them. Also if I go into libraries in settings on Apple TV, all my folders are checked but it says 0 on movies. Tv, and whatever the 3rd option is. When I try to scan for changes it says “indexing failed for google drive.” I can’t seem to get it to work and am frustrated. Please help!

I know it can be a real pain when things go awry. This is a new glitch that appears to be caused by some change in iCloud. The short answer is to start again adding back the shares and favorites you had before with the added step of first turning off iCloud Sync in settings.

Remember that Library won’t work with DLNA, you’ll have to use to one of the other formats like SMB or NFS in order to get the library and it’s sort functions.

Now with the issues of google drive failing to index, it seems that google drive is sensitive to mass requests and may shut you out after a bit and then you can resume the scan later.

There is s thread discussing the initial glitch here that has some good info (and some chicken little info mixed in) Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc

There are some others if you use the search function that discuss the google drive thing.

I cannot add google drive to Apple TV without adding it on iOS (iPhone) and letting it sync over with iCloud. Also google drive will not sync anything on Apple TV for whatever reason. I’ve tried one folder at a time and it will not work. Showing : movies 0 tv episodes 0 and other 0.

My iPhone however will show all my content and play it fine.

Are you seeing the Google Drive connection on tvOS (in Settings > Shares)?

If so, you’ll need to ensure you add at least one Favorite and this Favorite should be selected in the Settings > Library menu. Once this is done, Infuse should start scanning and indexing your content.