Help With Tunnelblick Set-up. SUPPORT REQUIRED

Forgive me if this has been dealt with before here but a search for Tunnelblick and Astrill
failed to bring anything useful up.

I use Astrill VPN and am trying to set this up for use on Apple TV,
primarily with Boxee and Firefox.

Approaching Astrill and Tunnelblick directly has not gotten me very far.

Tunnelblick is installed  on ATV and I have copied the
Astrill cert files etc. to the relevant folder, and have entered and
saved the login !D and password as specified. I cannot get it to stay as "Enabled": upon exiting Settings it reverts to "Disabled". I does stay on as "Auto Run" but what does that mean?

What now? How do I get Astrill's login page to appear with these
programs? Under Nito there is an Applications folder with Tunnelblick
included. Clicking on Tunnelblick just results in the black screen
with the Apple logo: Hanged. This screen has a grey band at the top with a blue mark to the left. I assume the display is truncated.

If I load Hotspot Shield then exit to load Firefox, is Hotspot Shield active and running in the background? Again here the display is truncated at the top so i can see no icons there.

Side question: Astrill comes with several .ovpn files, a pair for each geographic location. I understand that
these must be renamed to .conf before installing on the ATV. Is this
correct? Do I transfer all these files (about 12) or only one,  or only one (FTP/UDP) pair? Will Tunnelblick get confused if there is only one .conf file? How do I choose different server locations UK? US? etc. with only one .conf file loaded?

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.


Someone surely has experience using a commercial openvpn with Tunnelblick. Doesn't have to be Astrill.

Can you list the VPN files you've transferred to the AppleTV.

Some VPN providers will use .ovpn files instead of .conf files. If this is true in your case you will need to change the extension from ovpn to conf.

I did change server extensions to .conf and only loaded one location vs several available from my vpn provider.

What is happening now is that sometimes it loads with Firefox and sometimes it doesn't. I cannot control this. FireCore support says that i do not need to load Tunnelcblick from Nito/Applications. I have Tunnelblick on either Enable or Auto Load, with Astrill config files for a US server, and it does not load for Firefox or Boxee. In Firefox,  still shows my original ip address which is not in the US, and connection is rejected by Boxee as out of region. It does work occasionally, but not consistently. Do I have to do something special to ensure that Tunnelblick is loaded and the config files are enabled for Firefox and Boxee

Question: why is Tunnelblick listed under Nito/Applications when Support tells me that clicking on it is not necessary to load and use Tunnelblick for all applications. Just adds to the confusion.


Hotspot Shield should not give you any problems.  I have simply enabled this and checked the ip address through Safari on ATV and it works a treat ( or some such).  Obviously if you want to watch video via Hotspot you will need Flash to be working in Firefox or Boxee etc. 

Alas, that is another bagatelle entirely...



HotSpot Shield in my experience works easily with Firefox on ATV but is not very reliable. It will drop out frequently. For ocasional browsing it is ok but not for viewing a full length movie. (You get what you pay for). Also, Astrill gives me UK servers as well as US so I can watch BBC TV programs with no pauses or stutter at all.


Isn't Flash one of the aTV Flash plug-ins? What problems have you been having with it?


I have installed Tunnelblick and the first time I used it it worked perfectly. Since I turned my computer off and disconnected from Tunnelblick, I can’t get it to reconnect. I have tried to reconnect from different locations, but it hasn’t made a difference. Have I got the wrong settings somewhere?

Please help!




Are you trying to open Tunnelblick on your PC while Tunnelblick is still Enabled on your AppleTV? You can't use the same ID and password (same account) on two machines at the same time.

hi i have VPN (9 bucks a month)


So far, I have the following from overplay:



about 30 different conf files.


What do i have to rename them to?

Also, how do i change quickly which conf file (ie. vpn location)?


Thanks :)


I am no expert about this but I have gone through this process with another service provider.

Do I take it that all your files from your provider are .conf except for the one .crt file? I was given two .crt files and one .key file. You might want to double check with your provider.


My .conf files were all concerned with different server locations. They were paired for TCP and UDP access. So if yours is setup the same as  mine, your 30 .conf files would equate to 15 different servers. Unless your provider combines TCP and UDP into a single .conf file. Beyond my expertise.

To use this with Tunnelblick on the ATV you can only upload and install one pair of .conf files i.e. one server at a time. There is no easy way to switch server locations without deleting one set and uploading another.


Hope this helps. 

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