Help with set up of XBMC

Hello. Installed XBMC on ATV2 yesterday. How do I get it to connect to my macbook that has an ext hd hooked up? Also how do I do it with an ext hd hooked up to an airport extreme in case I go the NAS route? My ATV2 is connected by ethernet to the airport extreme but the laptop is running wireless.

Step by step instructions would be great:D

I am wondering the same thing... I'm having a hard time getting XBMC to find the drive I have attached to my Airport Extreme.

same here. any help out there????

Yah me too

I would also like to know a step-by-step instructions for setup on my MBP and how to Add sources on XBMC.

A setup for Dummies :P

Try this:


"" refers to your AirPort Extreme info.

This worked for me:




time capsule: annihilatrix

disk: killface

file sharing: on (use time capsule password)

airport guest access: read only

workgroup: friskydingo

wins server: <leave blank>


file paths: 

music: annihilatrix/killface/audio/library

vids: annihilatrix/killface/video



video share: smb://friskydingo:<password>@

music share: smb://friskydingo:<password>@


Password without <..>

For those on Airport Exreme or TimeCapsule I tried to create a PDF of what I did to get things working. If I missed a step just let me know and I can add it. I think should be a start for some...

Thanx all :-)


Now I got it set up, playing my movies and TV shows from my MBP using this path:


Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!! Worked like a charm

Hi stacker02, i know this is an old post but i'm just after a little help, your pdf was very helpful to set up a path for xbmc, great work, however i am not getting xbmc to pick up my movie folder on my wd hd 500g on my wireless extreme network, i'm thinking my hd my be formatted wrong, it's Mac OS (Journeled) and my movies are encoded with handbrake, might they be encoded wrong also?

Don't know if there is anything more i need to set up on xbmc as the source has been added and i'm able to view the content of my wd hd 500g but just not showing the movies within the movies folder.

Hope you can help me out ive been looking everywhere to get this sorted.


I also am having an issue with XMBC. 

MAcbook OS 10.6.7


I used SeasOnpass to JB, then installed aTV Flash Beta 5. 

After the aTV reloaded, i ssh’ed into aTV via

$ ssh root@<your ATV2 IP address>

root@<your ATV2 IP address>'s password: ''enter your password here, it should be "alpine" if you haven't changed it''

$ apt-get install wget

$ wget -O- | apt-key add -

$ echo "deb stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/awkwardtv.list

$ echo "deb ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbmc.list

$ apt-get update

$ apt-get install org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2

after which XMBC appeared in my menu. I then clicked on XMBC>video>add source>browse>windows network(smb)
at which point it scans and then appears to open this path but there is nothing listed. just a line with ...

and thats where im stuck please help.

FYI: i have the folder i want to use open and sharable. I have File Sharing open under system prefs.