HELP with restoring media to crashed drive


My Macbook’s drive imploded yesterday. I’ve had it replaced but now I’m trying to get my photos and music back, the photos are more important of the two. I’ve purchased my copy of aTV flash and created a flash drive … now here is where I start to have questions. When I finally install the software the unit should be capable of syncing back information to my computer, in the forum there are instructions for doing such a thing. According to those it will sync all the media into a folder on my desktop … here is my question … there is a new hard drive in my computer … will it recognize this computer as the one synced to Apple TV? IF not … it looks like I’m pulling the drive out of the Apple TV … If anyone could help me I’d greatly appreciate it .



Unless you were able to clone the iTunes and iPhoto libraries from the old drive to the new drive, the AppleTV will see your new drive and OS as a new computer. Because you have aTV Flash installed on the AppleTV, you can retrieve the files from the AppleTV using Fugu or CyberDuck in OS X. I don’t have access to my AppleTV at the moment, but I bet there are just a few folders you need to retrieve the music and pictures.

A member showed me this was an unanswered post so I will update it with this info:

To make it easy for most people. If you use Fugu, go down to the “mnt” folder and open up the “Media” folder. In there there is a “Photos” folder, that contains synced pictures, and a “Media Files” folder, that contains synced iTunes music and videos. Apple hides the names and makes the folders hard to follow on purpose, but if you drag the specified folders into iPhoto/iTunes, both programs will import all files it finds and you won’t have to worry about all the different folders.