Help with metadata

Could anyone help me naming these two entries?
I’m pulling (what little) of my hair still remains.

The 1990 film of It is one file but it just will not find it.

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Try something like (which worked for me)

“OJ - Made in America S01E01.mkv”

“Stephen King’s It S01E01-E02.mkv”

The latter appearing to be a TV mini-series rather than a film.

Thanks so much, remotevisitor. I just couldn’t get this figured out on my own.
Very grateful.


Stephen Kings 1990 It has been a thorn in my side for a while. The staff over at themoviedb have been beating this title to death. It was originally a TV mini series and later became a DVD movie. I even joined that site with the sole purpose of getting it listed as a movie for that version. Well, it worked fine for a few weeks then they changed it back to TV only and then changed it back to both and it appears they have again gone back to TV only.

Here’s a thread on that.

I’ll just say that if you have the single file version for the 1990 version maybe creating your own metadata file would be the way to go if you want it listed as a movie instead of a TV show.

That’s really interesting. I didn’t realise there was a history behind the title. I remember seeing the two part mini-series back in the day but then at some point after that, it became a movie.

Just curious but how exactly would I go about creating my own metadata file? Is it easy to do?

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I think there’s a file already done attached to one of the posts in the thread I linked to above. I’m on a tiny screen right now or I’d check.

Thanks. I already have the file. Where do I put it?

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You place it in the same folder as the movie. Just make sure to change the name to exactly what you have your movie named and change to file type to xml.

For example if you had Stephen.Kings.It.1990.1080p.mkv then you’d name the xml file to Stephen.Kings.It.1990.1080p.xml and place it in the same folder as the movie.

See the page that is linked to from the one above.

Thanks, you’ve been really helpful.

Just to add some detail for your first time of using local metadata:

First create a folder with the movie name then place the movie in it. Then go to themoviedb and download the “poster” you like for the movie and also the “backdrop”.

Then you name the poster “Movie Name.jpg” and the backdrop Movie Name-fanart.jpg”.

Place these in the folder with the movie and the xml file

Here is an example of what you should see.

Folder name = Stephen Kings It 1990 1080p BluRay

inside that folder


After that it should automatically pick up on the new metadata but if not just long press on the movie and select edit metadata and you should see the xml file as an option. Just select that.

Thanks. I’d missed the fan art stuff. I’ll add that now. There are a couple of things I’ve got that never pickup the right artwork or metadata so I can see to those over the next few days. I didn’t know there was such a good solution to this problem so thanks again for that.

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