Help with manual metadata input (movie art)

I have the paid version of Infuse Pro v3.5.

I currently have several MKV files in my library that were uploaded to my iPad. I have since deleted the original files from my hard drive to free up space, so they are only accessible in my Infuse library.

I would like to adjust the metadata artwork that’s been pulled for 2 of the 4 files in my library. I have read all of the FAQ’s and guides yet I’m still unsure how to do this since the files only exist in my app. Is there any way to upload new movie art directly to Infuse? I’ve already tried adding .jpg files to my folder with the same exact file names as those uploaded to Infuse. They appear to upload via browser, yet nothing seems to change. I’ve tried de-selecting the “fetch metadata” option in settings and doing the same thing, yet that doesn;t seem to make any difference either. It shows the stock art fetched by metadata or a still from the opening credits. I would really like to find an easy way to simply upload my own .jpg files either directly through the app on my tablet, through my browser (on pc) or perhaps with iTunes.

I would greatly appreciate some guidance to do so, if it’s even possible. I’m otherwise very happy with the app and only wish that there were an easier way to do this. It would be nice to offer simpler customization with regards to titles and artwork.

Thank you very much,

I have the same problem. The suggestions given in Metadata 101 do not work. None of them, actually. Tried all of them, for different types of files. Otherwise, Infuse is a nice app. Quite irritating that manual metadata entry does not work, though.

+3 For my movies folders, if it’s not known by the IMB database, It displays a random image chosen by ???. For my TV shows ( like Seinfeld), cannot customize anything, even following the metadata 101 instructions. And I think this tv show is probably somewhere in the so why it is not displaying well? Maybe it’s just me…

It’s been a few months and we’ve seen several new updates to Infuse, so has this been addressed at all?

I’m once again attempting to upload mkv files to the app in my iPad and wanting to use custom/vtg movie poster art rather than the generic stuff that gets auto pulled. I select a jpg and place it in a folder with the same name as the mkv file and still no dice… this with the metadata auto fetch turned off. Why is it so difficult to make this aspect of the app more customizable and user friendly? If people are going to be uploading whole movie libraries with the app, it would be nice to see some personalization features. I find this really frustrating as it’s such a basic and simple request. I can alter the album art for music in iTunes, I should be able to do the same in Infuse and without so many complications.

I’ve managed to find the solution!! After a few tries and errors, here’s what I’ve done and it works well. Not user friendly but stil, functional after you set it up. I take my initial example with Seinfeld.

For example, I have a root folder named ‘’ SEINFELD ‘’ in my ‘’ Shared Family Movies’’. In the Shared Family Movies, I add a .jpg picture of The Complete 9 seasons of Seinfeld that I called the exact same name of my root folder but kept the extension .jpg at the end so I end up having ‘’ SEINFELD.jpg ‘’ file in my ‘’ Shared Family Movies ‘’ .

Remember that I still have my root folder named ‘’ SEINFELD ‘’ . So, In this root folder, I have 9 subfolder each called ‘’ Seinfeld Season 1 ‘’ and ‘’ Seinfeld Season 2 ‘’ etc etc until season 9. So in this subfolder where all the 9 seasons subfolders are, I will add a .jpg picture of the first season of Seinfeld and name it THE EXACT SAME FILE NAME of the subfolder containing the season 1 episodes. I just add the extension .jpg at the end of this file name so this picture will ‘‘pair’’ with the ‘’ Seinfeld Season 1 ‘’ sub folder.

The trick is to do that for each folder and subfolder and files you want to have the picture YOU PICKED to display in Infuse. So at the end, it would look like this:



SEINFELD contains :

Seinfeld Season 1
Seinfeld Season 1.jpg
Seinfeld Season 2
Seinfeld Season 2.jpg

( continue until season 9 )

Seinfeld Season 1 contains :

The Seinfeld Chronicles.m4v
The Seinfeld Chronicles.jpg
The Stake Out.m4v
The Stake Out.jpg

And you continue this painful process until the end of season 9 !

Hope it resolve your problem. It did for me and now, all my movies and series have the displayed image I chose for each one of them, not the automatic database!