help with jailbreakiing

Hi guys,

im sure you probably get this a lot but i have recently purchased and atv2 with the intent to jb it. i have jailbroken both my phones and several ipads but i am not having a lot of luck with the tv.

my atv does not stay powered through the micro usb alone so i have tried rebooting it then placing it into dfu mode (with the power connected) firecore pops up saying that my version of atv is not supported and resets itself back to the home screen (i am running 5.1.1 on the atv)


Has anyone got any good ideas on what i could do to solve this problem??




Are you Absolutely sure it’s an ATV2 and Not a 3rd gen? What’s the model #?

The model no on the box is: A1378

Well, that sounds like a 2 then…

Download & run a program called iREB first to help you with your DFU issues maybe.

Thanks pal,

I’ll give it a try

do you have the newest version seasonpass?


Yep, that was the 1st thing I checked, think I need to get a data/power micro USB as well as i was thinking it may be something to do with the power being on whilst trying to enter dfu mode?

Hi guys,


sorry for bumping this but im still having no joy with the jb using the power/data cable?? the atv still isnt remaining on while not plugged into the mains??


any help would be very much appreciated!!