Help with Jailbreak

Hello folks I have an apple tv 2 (5.02) jailbroken for some reason when selecting xbmc the system goes black and restarts tryed over and over and thinking i might need to rejailbreak in the home appletc screen the xbmc app is missing the icon is black tryed uninstalling xbmc and reinstalling same thing. Not sure how to proceed if someone can direct me I would appreciate it. thanks in advance.

Yup. I would re-jailbreak. Make sure you do a backup in maintainence settings and check the list it will show which SHSHs are saved to allow you to chose the most recent jailbreak untethered/tethered. You can also then save these using Seas0npass/tinyumbrella/iFaith etc.


Simplist way would be a quick ‘right click’ on create IPSW icon in seasonpass and go for 5.02. Then reinstall everything. I’ve found this process way more stable on a PC than on a MAC (see my thread 4.4.4 to 5.2 untethered -


Hope that helps.