Help with holiday setup!

Hello all

Help greatly appreciated. So have Apple TV and infuse at home with a NAS drive all working perfectly and love it.

I’ve bought another Apple TV to take on holidays but need help getting infuse and my library working.

Basically I can put my library on a portable HDD but how can I get infuse to see that??
I know I can’t plug it in to the Apple TV direct but what can I use - I’ve tried the nano travel router but it lags a lot or doesn’t work at all - any help greatly appreciated and please assume I want this setup to work even if there is NO WIFI where we go on holiday.

Thanks in advance

It’s not going to work reliably for you. The Apple TV does not support local attached storage. My recommendation is to dump all your videos on an iPhone or iPad and then hook up to the tv with and HDMI adapter. If your require more storage look at an ixpand device for your iPhone/iPad.

If you are adamant on using your AppleTV then bring along a proper router with USB3 support and share the dis out through there. All devices can then connect to an internet less wifi network.

Thanks for the advice - would you think a hdd with built in WiFi like the wd my passport wireless would work?

Only if you can access it natively through SMB. If it requires some sort of app then no.

If you’re open to a different approach, add all your media to a cloud provider (I recommend Google Drive under GSuite), and connect Infuse to it. You’ll have remote access everywhere. The only caveat would be the need for a reliable Internet connection, so if one requirement is no Wi-Fi dependency, then just consider my recommendation more of an attempt to exhaust your available options, however unlikely you are to use it.

Thank you both, this setup will largely be when away with no WiFi so cloud doesn’t work and I can access my NAS via web so when I have WiFi I can just stream from home. I’ll look in to whether the wireless hdd has smb. Thanks

Also would an airport express/extreme solve my problem by plugging HDD in to that? Thanks again all

An AirPort Extreme might. The express doesn’t support Hard drive connections.