HELP with finding the software needed for repairing 5.2.1

ok guys I got hosed on ebay by a newbie sold me a atv2 box that was suppose to be ready to jb but he knew nothing about anything and It was in the stream on the 19th  and it took the 5.2.1 update. So I guess I screwed the pooch on this one, I have used season pass to do 3 other atv2 and it was flawless but anyhow where can you get the software that they are talking about snowbreeze ifaith etc as I have tried to get them and I’m going to sites that want you to download garbage and installers etc . I’m willing to try things but this has been frustrating by the way Im on a win xp pc . I’m a newbie and quite green but I’m up for a challange. there has to be somewhere just to get the software and no crap with it…Thanks  Rick Since I’m asking if I have a atv2 running 5.0.2 can I copy that firmware to this one and make it work? sorry if these are stupid questions but I’m frustrated and a newbie…

I also have the same problem. Ive tried downgrading to 4.4.4 and have had no luck. itunes wont even start to read the 4.4.4 ispw i downloaded from a how to.

mate, go to, he created the software iFaith & Sn0wbreeze so that is where you get it from.


I’ve fixed mine so am posting this everywhere…

Dude borojim cracked it! Basically I upgraded MY ATV2 to utilize to my new wi-fi keyboard not realizing Apple had released the new update!! = NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!

Just fixed it right now following borojim’s way, WORKED! as long as you’ve got shsh blobs 5.0.2 you’re cool

Got blobs? do this…

  1. Download iFaith, of the 4 options -  click “Buildsigned IPSW w/Blobs”

Next Click “Browse for blobs” - pop-up window should take you straight to the file you want. (atv2 5.0.2 shsh)- click it.

  1. Once its created download Sn0wbreeze and open it, then either click browse ISPW, or download firmwares.(depending if you already have a saved 5.0.2 ISPW or not?, if not don’t worry just download it)

After it does it’s thing, if it says verified, you’re all good.

  1. Next click the blue arrow bottom right, then click “iFaith Mode” (This will combine blobs with ISPW and leave the result on your desktop)

  2. Once process complete connect ATV to computer, go to iTunes, hold shift and click restore.

  3. Pray!

  4. If it says it has restored to factory settings connect ATV to your TV, you should have NitoTV icon, open Nito, Install XBMC, Voila!

Sorry Firecore if this is not what you wanna see but Apple has really blindsided us with this one, and i’m sorry but for now needs must my friends!

Rest assured as soon as you work out and release the new seas0npass JB software i’ll use it, I have used FC from the beginning but for now I need my XBMC and this is the ONLY WAY THAT WORKS!!!

Cheers borojim.

Everytime I try and download  and install and try and run snowbreeze and Ifaith I get an error runtime error nET Framework initialization error can anyone help me with this and let me know what I can do to correct that I am running Windows XP Professional and I am stop by have done mostly all the updates that Windows  has put out. any help would be appreciated tiny umbrella runs fine but I faith and snowbreeze will not run at all

Go to site to get ifaith sn0wbreeze.

check the itunes hosts file, use notepad and see what in your itunes hosts.

Okay I figured out why I was getting the runtime error I have to install nET Framework 2.0 now this is my next question if I have an Apple TV 2 that’s jailbroken at 5.02 can I save that file and put it on the Apple TV that I have that is 5.21 as I’m trying to get that 1 to work that I got off of ebay . I do not want to turn it into a brick so if I have saved SHSH file from my jailbroken Apple TV will I be able to transfer that too another Apple TV. I hate to ask questions sometimes but I am a newbie and I’d rather be safe than sorry thank you very much for any help

No - signatures (shsh blobs) are specific to the atv2 and firmware version for which they were created.  They are not transferable between devices.